Emanating from the Arabic word “Malakut” which means “Dominion” & “Complete Control”, MALKUT Technologies, is a distinguished Managed Service Provider (MSP) that aims to restructure the way technology services are delivered to its partners.


Technology is meant to work for you, not against you – Our goal is to remove the negative aura surrounding IT. People don’t like those who deliver them bad news, even in a corporate environment. While most departments interact with each other to accomplish tasks, IT today, mostly interacts with others to resolve issues (often at times when frustration is running high). While that aspect of IT is unavoidable to a certain extent, if pushed to the extreme it creates negative technology experiences for users which over time can result in an overall pessimistic view of technology.
Unfortunately, most MSPs & internal Technology teams have been caught in the infinite day-to-day firefighting of technology issues. Whatever time today’s IT can scrape together outside of this loop is usually thrown at projects and client requests. The number one culprit in this trap is the lack of management and control of the below items:
  • QoS improvements
  • Remediation of re-occurring problems
  • Automation of re-occurring tasks


While keeping the lights on is important, proper management & control of your technology frees up time to re-invest in Technology Success Initiatives:
I argue that no more than 30% of IT’s time should go to day-to-day Support related requests/issues. The remaining 70% should be split up into:


Developing, implementing, & automating new processes that drive business revenue


Building & improving on existing Technology Infrastructure/Systems


Resolving any issues that pertain to the above 2 items as needed

Deviating from the traditional IT Support system and restructuring your business to prioritize efficiency and profit-driven processes is how we provide technology success to our partners
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